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with Matt Rota
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Portraits in Watercolor

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Understand and exploit the seemingly untamable nature of flowing water as you paint from the general to the specific, incorporating graduated washes, hard and soft edges and warm and cool tones into a stunningly accurate watercolor portrait. Take advantage of watercolor’s portability and affordability, plus the expertise of New York artist Matt Rota, who will be available to look at your work and answer any questions that arise as you paint. Get unprecedented access and close-up views of Rota's palette and brushwork, allowing you to observe his process as if in a private workshop.gEmbrace a world made with translucent washes of pure pigment. Enroll now in Portraits in Watercolor.


  • intermediate
  • 9 episodes
  • 7h2m

Included in this Class

1. Meet Matt Rota

1. Meet Matt Rota

Meet instructor Rota and discover what you'll learn in this class.

2. Papers, Brushes & Colors

2. Papers, Brushes & Colors

Go over watercolor supplies, including paper, brushes and colors.

3. Washes

3. Washes

Learn how to effectively use watercolor washes, including blending colors, creating gradients, and creating hard and soft edges.

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