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with Deb Watson
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Pet Portraits in Watercolor

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Learn how to paint watercolor pet portraits with confidence alongside award-winning artist Deb Watson. Start class with tips for choosing a reference photo, selecting a composition and creating value sketches to establish your furry friend's form. Next, you'll easily transfer the main shapes of your pet portrait with graphite paper. Prep your palette as Deb helps you select harmonious colors, mix all the variations you need and apply your first beautiful wash. Then, create contour lines to define any dog's fur, and use directional strokes to mimic any cat's coat. Bring your work to life as Deb guides you through painting realistic pet eyes, noses, ears and more. Plus, find out how different backgrounds can add instant dimension to your work.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h48m

Included in this Class

1. Creating a Strong Composition

1. Creating a Strong Composition

Want to capture your pet's personality with watercolors? Artist Deb Watson is going to show you how! Start off by picking the best picture and then decide your composition. Deb demonstrates creating value sketches that will bring form to those furry friends.

2. Transferring Images & Creating Your Palette

2. Transferring Images & Creating Your Palette

Learn to transfer your pet's image with graphite paper -- a quick and easy way to start your painting. Then dive into colors by choosing your palette. Deb recommends using a limited number of colors for a smart, coordinated scheme and shows how to mix them to get all the variety you'll need.

3. Applying the First Wash

3. Applying the First Wash

Break out the paint brushes, it's time to apply the first wash! Deb shows how to lay down a first layer of color on your painting that will help create depth and luminosity and unite the portrait. Deb also demonstrates how to fix color blooms with a fan brush for flawless painting.

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