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with Nina Weiss
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Painting With Water-Based Media: Acrylic, Watercolor & Gouache

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Find out how to choose and confidently use nontoxic, water-based mediums that are easy to clean up and a joy to paint with. Artist Nina Weiss will help you build a foundation of skills for working with everything from gouache to acrylic and watercolor paints. Dive in with gouache to create smooth layers of paint, intriguing textures and custom color mixtures. Then, explore the wonders of watercolor through techniques including wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, gradient bleed, color wash and more. Discover watercolor pencils to create tonal washes, shadows and varying color temperatures. Expand your repertoire with acrylic as you learn brushwork tips as well as how to achieve a range of values and build contrast. Along the way, you'll apply your skills to create a variety of still lifes and landscapes.


  • beginner
  • 9 episodes
  • 2h21m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Meet your instructor, Nina Weiss! She'll teach you how to set up your studio workspace for success and review the different kinds of water-based mediums you'll use in class. Then learn the basics behind color mixing and the color wheel.

2. Gouache

2. Gouache

Learn how to paint with gouache, an opaque water-based medium. Nina will demonstrate how to use gouache for flat and even results, mix primary colors for the perfect look and practice painting complementary and contrasting color swatches. Finally, learn to create texture with scumbling.

3. A Lemon in Gouache

3. A Lemon in Gouache

Make a gouache painting of a lemon following Nina's tricks and techniques. Begin with outlining the lemon in a contrasting color, not pencil. Don't worry about making mistakes; Nina will show you how to wash over them. Finally, learn how to layer thick strokes to complete the lemon look.

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