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Painting With Color: A Contemporary Approach

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Captivate, compel and inspire your viewer with color! Award-winning artist Joseph Dolderer guides you through three variations of the block study as you learn to use color to express form and value. Discover how to analyze and paint color and plane changes, and depict transitions using warm and cool hues. Paint a simplified still life and use color, highlights and value shifts to create a fully dimensional, sculptural quality. With each exercise, you’ll hone a powerful system for mapping out compositions as masses of color and light. Once mastered, this skill will help you simplify much more complex subject matters. Still lifes, landscapes and portraits will come together faster, easier and more radiant than ever before!


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 2h46m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Overview

1. Introduction & Overview

Meet your instructor, artist Joseph Dolderer, and learn how you'll explore color and planes over the course of this class.

2. Preparing for the Single Block Study

2. Preparing for the Single Block Study

Prepare for your first study, which consists of a single block against a solid-colored background. You'll learn how to lay in elements as you create a grisaille to set the stage for your color work.

3. The Single Block Study

3. The Single Block Study

Discover new ways to identify and adjust color as Dolderer walks you through ways to lay in each hue efficiently, work with cast shadows, add a second color cycle and work with temperature changes.

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