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with Peter John Reid
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Painting Trees in Acrylic

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Create fascinating forestscapes in acrylic with professional painter and author Peter John Reid. Learn to paint better trees by recognizing and capturing the differences in the trunks, branches and canopies of a variety of species. Mix lush greens with confidence. Apply wet-in-wet techniques to paint striking skies. Use glazing methods to capture the magic of a sunset or a misty morning. Paint groups of trees with attention-grabbing depth and convincing perspective. Recreate the reflection of trees and sky on water. Easily achieve vibrant backgrounds and captivating canopies with watercolor techniques in acrylic. Create a multitude of trees, grasses and leaves without painting them individually. Plus, use negative painting to build form quickly and add details such as the sky peeking through foliage. Paint forestscapes that capture the wonder of a walk in the woods.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h47m

Included in this Class

1. Elements of the Tree

1. Elements of the Tree

Meet your instructor, artist and author Peter John Reid. Peter begins the lesson by showing a whole new way to look at trees. You'll see detailed examples of how trunks, branches and canopies vary between species. In addition, Peter shares his tips and tricks for capturing the unique character of each tree.

2. Mixing Greens

2. Mixing Greens

Learn the essential skill of mixing shades of green. Peter explains three important characteristics of color: value, saturation and hue. Next, you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to mix varying shades of green on your palette. For added practice, Peter shows you how to make a color mixing chart. Peter also explains how different shades can create certain effects in your paintings.

3. Wet-in-Wet Blends for Backgrounds

3. Wet-in-Wet Blends for Backgrounds

Discover how to set the stage for your trees with Peter's versatile technique for painting skies and other background elements. Peter shows you his preferred setup and method for working with quick-drying acrylics. Learn how to blend wet colors into each other to create beautiful, smooth gradations. You'll also see Peter's technique for glazing and creating a partial wet-in-wet blend, perfect for painting beautiful sunsets or depicting mist on the water.

Recommended with this class

  • Acrylic paint, brushes, canvas or board
  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser, craft knife