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with Suzanne Brooker
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Paint Better Portraits From Photographs

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Build a foundation of portrait painting skills with step-by-step guidance from professional instructor Suzanne Brooker. Start with tips for taking and selecting better reference photographs. Grasp foreshortening to create more convincing compositions. Discover the key landmarks of the face and structure of the skull. Use measurements to achieve more accurate proportion. Tone the ideal ground, add a reference grid to your canvas, block in major shapes and create an underpainting. Learn to match and paint the values and skin tones in your reference. Use brushstroke techniques to develop your painting further. Depict facial features and hair with confidence. Apply the fundamentals of painting from photographs to propel your portraiture to new levels of dimension and realism.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h23m

Included in this Class

1. Translating 2-D into 3-D

1. Translating 2-D into 3-D

Meet painting instructor Suzanne Brooker, and begin the class with a tutorial on choosing effective reference photos. Discover the best techniques for lighting your subject, and try Suzanne's simple, effective trick for examining foreshortening.

2. Features of the Face

2. Features of the Face

Learn how to identify key landmarks and unique features of the face and skull. Suzanne shows you how to assess your reference photos to locate proportions, angles and other valuable information that will help inform your preliminary drawings.

3. The Block-In Drawing

3. The Block-In Drawing

Learn how to choose, prepare and tone the ideal ground for your surface. Suzanne shares tips that will help you apply paint smoothly and evenly, and demonstrates ways to block in your reference image on your canvas or board.

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