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Taught by Lexi Sundell
Online Class

Luminous Flowers in Acrylic

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Learn flower painting techniques to create the blues of an anemone, the reds of a poppy, and the yellows and greens of a sunflower. Alongside acclaimed artist Lexi Sundell, you'll begin to build a compelling composition with lighting and photography tips. Then, capture the curves of every petal with ease using a grid. Define the structure of any flower with an underpainting, and layer gel and paint to build texture and radiance. Apply Lexi's custom color wheel as you mix harmonious colors and paint petals with luscious luminescence and true-to-life shadows. Use a variety of brushstrokes to build depth and dimension. Refine your work with subtle details and eye-catching highlights. Plus, learn essential troubleshooting techniques for fast-drying acrylics.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h37m

Included in this Class

1. Lighting & Line Drawing

1. Lighting & Line Drawing

Meet your instructor: artist and author Lexi Sundell. Lexi begins by showing you a series of poppy photos. She explains how subtle differences in the lighting, shadows and angle of each photo can greatly affect the overall composition. Next, Lexi demonstrates the interesting effects you can achieve using angled light to create dynamic shadows and highlights on flowers. In addition, you'll learn Lexi's foolproof technique for transferring your drawing to your canvas with a grid.

2. Color & Value

2. Color & Value

Lexi walks you through her own color wheel that she finds instrumental for creating luminous colors in her flower paintings. She also shares her tips and techniques for picking the right paint colors, keeping a Sta-Wet palette in good working condition, and creating varied strokes using flat and round brushes. Next, you'll gain in-depth knowledge on the attributes of color: value, hue and chroma. Lexi also walks you through the process of creating an underpainting using shadows and color value to define the shape and structure of your subject matter: a blue anemone or a flower of your choice.

3. Luminous Layers

3. Luminous Layers

After completing your underpainting, Lexi shows you how to use layers of gel and paint to incrementally create texture and luminosity in your painting. Refine shadows with different shades of blue and purples and learn how to make small refinements in your painting to achieve a big impact. In addition, Lexi explains how to add in highlights and subtle details to bring your painting to life.

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  • Acrylic paints, acrylic brushes, canvas or board
  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser, craft knife