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with Kathleen Moore
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Landscape Essentials: Skies

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Learn color-mixing, application and perspective secrets for painting skies alongside artist and instructor Kathleen Moore. Start with tips for composing captivating skyscapes, preparing your canvas with layers of gradated pigment and adding key details. Next, you'll see how to paint fluffy cumulous clouds and wispy cirrus clouds with lifelike dimension and shadows. Move on to techniques for capturing the dynamism and power of windy, rainy, stormy skies. As the storm clears, Kathleen will teach you color-mixing and application techniques for painting sunrises and sunsets. Plus, you'll discover how to paint captivating night skies lit with shining stars and the glow of the moon.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h32m

Included in this Class

1. Composition & Perspective

1. Composition & Perspective

Meet Kathleen Moore, your guide to creating compelling skyscapes in acrylic or oil. Kathleen introduces the critical concepts of composition and perspective and shares tricks for creating strong reference photos. A quick thumbnail sketch helps you plan your painting before transferring details to the canvas.

2. Painting the Sky: Color & Value

2. Painting the Sky: Color & Value

Why is the sky blue? Kathleen explains with a quick lesson on the properties of light and color, and helps you prepare your canvas before painting. Begin laying down pigment in gradated base layers, then transfer the details of your initial drawing from Lesson 1 using white chalk or soft pastel.

3. Different Kinds of Clouds

3. Different Kinds of Clouds

Go cloud-gazing with Kathleen to learn about types of clouds and how their appearance varies from the horizon to the heavens. Then prepare your palette to paint fluffy cumulous clouds and wispy cirrus clouds. Use transparent glaze to portray cloud shadows on the ground and add ground colors to the underside of your clouds.

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