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Know Your Acrylic Paints: Expand Your Palette

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Whether you're buying pigments or preparing your palette, artist Mary Morrison will help you choose from all types of acrylic paints with complete confidence! Start with how to select the primary color variations that will suit your work. Then, discover the properties of both modern and mineral pigments and find how to control them as you make two color wheels. Discover the black and white pigments available, and find out how to pick the right one for your work. Expand your palette further as you use neutral grays to create a value scale and a tint, tone and shade board. Next, learn to bring brilliant visual interest to your art with iridescent acrylic paints. Plus, add contrast and depth to your work using the prismatic effects of interference paints.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h4m

Included in this Class

1. Inside Color

1. Inside Color

Meet Mary Morrison, a full-time painter, teacher and exhibitor for the past 25 years, and your guide to the world of acrylic paints. Mary will first help you understand the primary colors, the building blocks of art, and recognize the subtle differences within them as you select your palette.

2. Modern Colors

2. Modern Colors

Mary discusses how modern and mineral pigments differ at the microscopic level and how that alters their appearance on the canvas. Then she mixes brilliant secondary and tertiary colors and adds them to her color wheel, while also demonstrating how best to control tint strength.

3. Mineral Colors

3. Mineral Colors

Matted, muted and opaque may not sound like benefits, but they are on Mary's capable brush. Learn to use minerals, the same palette employed by the greatest painters in history. Then make a color wheel with this set of colors, and watch as Mary color-matches on a pre-made landscape.

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