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Taught by Andrew Conklin
Online Class

Flemish Master Painting Techniques

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Bring depth and realism to your oil paintings with the celebrated techniques of the northern Renaissance masters. Award-winning artist Andrew S. Conklin guides you through every step of this layered painting approach, starting with how to stretch your own canvas. Learn to apply an imprimatura, and then begin to lay in areas of light, half tone and shadow with a traditional earth tone ebauche color palette. Use blending to bring in an extended array of vibrant hues, and further refine form and texture with dry brushing. Discover how to mix and apply transparent and semi-opaque glazes to add glowing dimension to your work, and finish your painting with Andrew’s expert tips on erasing distracting brushstrokes and rejuvenating color.


  • advanced
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h8m

Included in this Class

1. The Layered Method

1. The Layered Method

Meet Conklin and discover concepts in layered painting. Use a six-value painting system and learn to stretch your own canvas.

2. Translating 2-D Into 3-D

2. Translating 2-D Into 3-D

Learn composition, proportion, line and shading techniques to make your two-dimensional drawing appear three-dimensional.

3. Transfer & Imprimatura

3. Transfer & Imprimatura

Transfer your drawing to canvas, then discover the importance of an imprimatura overlay that will establish a foundation for subsequent painting layers.

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