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with Jay Senetchko
Online Class

Color in Bloom: Painting Flowers With Oil

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Learn how to paint flowers in oil with online video lessons from professional artist Jay Senetchko. You'll start class with essential techniques for composing and framing floral subjects successfully. Next, create an underpainting and block in major shapes to bring value, contrast and a strong foundation to your work. Sharpen your work's form as you develop local color and separate values. Then, discover how to use glazing to enhance the volume, depth and luster of your flowers. Move on to adding textures, highlights, shadows and details that make your flowers pop. Plus, Jay will guide you through adjusting your color choices for a fascinating finished piece you're proud to display.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h58m

Included in this Class

1. Creating a Compelling Composition

1. Creating a Compelling Composition

Meet artist Jay Senetchko, your guide to painting beautiful flowers with oil. No matter the materials, every good painting needs an equally good base. Watch as Jay shows you how to create a perfect underpainting after going over the basics of composition and framing.

2. Initial Block-In

2. Initial Block-In

You've worked with one color, now add two more to your palette and watch as Jay shows you how to mix the three and begin blocking in the painting's major shapes. You'll be amazed at how a limited palette can yield an impressive foundation thanks to your new ability to create value and color contrast.

3. Establishing Form

3. Establishing Form

Now that larger objects have been blocked in, it's time to develop your forms, get more exact and add the elements that will make your flowers pop. The best part of this step: Your colors don't even need to be that accurate! Just add in select spots and let Jay help you take care of the rest.

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