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with Nanette Fluhr
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Classic Children's Portraits in Oil

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Gain the skills to bring your subject to life in an expressive, polished portrait! Award-winning portraitist Nanette Fluhr shows you how to paint children, starting with choosing a subject, pose and mood for your painting. Create an accurate line drawing of your subject with Nanette's expert, easy-to-follow tips on proportion. Then, translate your sketch into an imprimatura underpainting to establish underlying values and forms. Find out how to mix a range of realistic skin tones and beautiful hues as you apply vibrant color to your painting. Finally, refine your portrait with glazing and scumbling techniques and add lifelike details with personality-filled features and flowing hair.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h22m

Included in this Class

1. Picking Your Subject

1. Picking Your Subject

Meet your instructor, oil painter and fine art teacher Nanette Fluhr. Class begins with an overview of the techniques you'll develop over the next six lessons, followed by Nanette's expert guidance for working with your subject. Choose the composition, mood and expression you want to capture as you decide whether you'll work from a photo or from life.

2. The Color Note

2. The Color Note

Explore color options as you learn what a color note is and how it's used in art. Nanette breaks down the basics of color theory to help you understand hue, chroma and value, and the importance that they play in creating a finished piece. Next, you'll lay in the background, working with a range of values as you paint to create a polished base for your sketch.

3. The Line Drawing

3. The Line Drawing

Discover the importance of line drawings, and how to begin placing your subject's major proportions and features on your canvas. Nanette shares tips for capturing children's facial features accurately, and helps you envision the anatomy of the skull to help inform your drawing as your work. You will also refine the composition and framing of your piece as your drawing takes shape.

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