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with Robert Carsten
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Bold Techniques for Acrylic Landscapes

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Learn techniques for painting mountains and other landscapes in vibrant acrylics with lifetime access to video lessons from award-winning artist Robert Carsten. Start by expanding your knowledge of color theory and creating a value scale to help guide you as you paint. Next, get tips for selecting a composition with a dynamic center of interest, creating a value study and blocking in shapes. Make the move to canvas as you create a line drawing with accurate proportions and angles, before blocking in the right values using your scale. With your large value shapes complete, you'll discover how to refine details and color temperature. Add the final touches to your landscape with impasto textures for trees, transparent effects for water and a luminous look for your clouds. Plus, Robert will teach you new, advanced techniques for using color theory to control the mood of your painting.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h55m

Included in this Class

1. Color Theory

1. Color Theory

Meet artist Robert Carsten and broaden your understanding of color theory with a discussion of hue, temperature, value and saturation. You'll learn how to mix warm and cool versions of each color, create a value scale to guide you in your painting and discover two ways to desaturate colors.

2. Composition Studies

2. Composition Studies

Use reference photos as your guide to creating a strong composition, and thumbnail sketches to determine the best size and orientation for your painting. Learn how your choices influence how the viewer's eye moves through your piece. Finish this lesson by creating a value study that will prepare you for blocking in your painting.

3. Blocking In Value

3. Blocking In Value

Get to work on your canvas by first learning to recreate accurate proportions and angles in your line drawing. Next, wash in your first layer of paint. Along the way, you'll find out how to use your value scale to ensure you've accurately blocked in the right values throughout your composition.

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