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with Bonnie Cutts
Online Class

10 Marvelous Mixed Media Techniques

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Discover a collection of enthralling mixed media techniques alongside artist Bonnie Cutts. Start by using different grounds to create a variety of beautifully textured surfaces. Next, use flat and raised stencils to bring eye-catching patterns to life. Move on to creating fascinating free-form patterns and enchanting watercolor effects with acrylics. Discover how to make acrylic skins, and get tips for using them in dynamic landscapes and collages. Then, unlock fascinating creative possibilities by combining acrylics with watercolor pencils, water-soluble crayons and more. Expand your mixed media toolkit even further as you apply sgraffito techniques to etch extraordinary designs with ease. Plus, use micaceous iron oxide to create grounds with impressive depth, textured relief effects and more.


  • intermediate
  • 10 episodes
  • 2h3m

Included in this Class

1. Applying Grounds

1. Applying Grounds

Meet artist Bonnie Cutts and preview the wide range of techniques you'll learn to enhance your mixed media paintings. Gain familiarity working with acrylic grounds as Bonnie shows you how to apply them to paper, creating a variety of textured surfaces. Plus, see how to tint them for a lovely effect.

2. Raised Stencils

2. Raised Stencils

Add dimension to your work by creating raised textures and patterns with stencils. Learn Bonnie's simple technique of stenciling with molding pastes and gels, building up colorful and intricate layers of interest that will pop off the page.

3. Flat Stencils

3. Flat Stencils

Continue developing your stenciling techniques, using fluid acrylic paints to make vibrant patterned backgrounds. Paint along with Bonnie as she demonstrates her method of applying stenciled designs to a blank page -- or an existing image -- for stunning results.

Recommended with this class

  • Micaceous iron oxide
  • Variety of acrylic mediums
  • Grounds
  • Stencils
  • Acrylic paint (high flow recommended)