Created by: Kristyn Milthaler

Shark Jawbone Knot

Name of Pattern Shark Jawbone Knot

You Can Make This

Kristyn Milthaler made Shark Jawbone Knot with:

  • 550 paracord in any color you choose.

Project Description

Name of Pattern Shark Jawbone Knot

Q&A with Kristyn Milthaler

DeLynne asked:
I don't see a link??? Interested in this...thanks. :)
Kristyn Milthaler answered:
I wasn't able to post a link directly to the picture, I have a link on the right of the picture that will take you to my facebook page where I sell these. If you click that link, then look in the photo album "Paracord" you'll fin this and other cool knots. I apologize that it's a bit tedious, but I was only able to post the link to my page and not the specific picture. Here's the link to the page, just in case:

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