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with Angus Fletcher
Online Class

Screenwriting 101: Mastering the Art of Story

by The Great Courses
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Whether you want to write your own scripts or simply gain a deeper appreciation for the great stories you see unfold on the screen, Professor Angus Fletcher is here to show you the way. In this class, you’ll understand not only how to write a script, but how to tell a great story that moves audiences — the ultimate goal of storytelling in any medium.


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  • 24 episodes
  • 12h49m

Included in this Class

1. Thinking Like a Screenwriter

1. Thinking Like a Screenwriter

Before "Lights! Camera! Action!" there's one thing a film must have: a good story. In this first lesson, Angus. Fletcher introduces you to the importance of story. See how the earliest stories shape the ones we create today. You may be surprised to discover how cognitive science can shed light on how humans experience stories.

2. Reverse Engineering Successful Scripts

2. Reverse Engineering Successful Scripts

The first question any writer must ask is: Where do I want to take my audience? Prof. Fletcher shows you how to reverse-engineer stories to pinpoint their cognitive effects and put those tools to use in your own writing (and viewing) experiences.

3. Building Your Story World

3. Building Your Story World

Every script has a setting, both a time and a place where the story occurs. Understand the value of the rules that underlie your story and see how genres allow you to use pre-existing structures while enabling you to embrace a multitude of possibilities. Then look at the "big three" genres: tragedy, comedy, and heroic.