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with Peter M. Vishton
Online Class

Scientific Secrets for a Powerful Memory

by The Great Courses
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Memory is without a doubt the most powerful — and practical — tool of everyday life. By linking both your past and your future, memory gives you the power to plan, reason, perceive and understand. Join Peter M. Vishton, Ph.D., as he reveals scientifically proven strategies to strengthen and improve your memory at any age. After all, the better your memory, the better your brain functions and the more information you'll have at your immediate disposal.


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  • 6 episodes
  • 3h5m

Included in this Class

1. Your Amazing Prehistoric Memory

1. Your Amazing Prehistoric Memory

Meet Peter Vishton and start class by taking a quick memory test. Then get an introduction the Major System, one of the most basic ways your memory encodes information. Learn how to encode numbers into words and distinct images and explore the prehistoric roots of why we think the way we do.

2. Encoding Information With Images

2. Encoding Information With Images

Focus on one of the simplest tricks for memorizing information: the method of loci. Then peek inside the minds of mental athletes to see how their seemingly superhuman feats of memory are rooted in nothing more than the innate brain power that we all possess.

3. Maximizing Short- & Long-Term Memory

3. Maximizing Short- & Long-Term Memory

Peter walks you through the three steps of successful memory: from perception to short-term memory, encoding short-term memory to long-term memory, then retrieving information from long-term memory. Explore how amnesia and other hippocampus-related damage can disrupt this normal memory process.