with Dean Hodgkin
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Physiology & Fitness

by The Great Courses
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Take a fascinating, eye-opening tour of your body’s anatomy and physiology. Join award-winning fitness expert Dean Hodgkin as he navigates the world of fitness through science-based approaches and results-driven practices — plus 12 30-minute home-workout routines — showing you what happens inside your body when you work out, and how to use that knowledge to feel your best. Enjoy the rich vitality and supreme health that prime fitness offers —whatever your age or current fitness level!


  • beginner
  • 36 episodes
  • 18h50m

Included in this Class

1. Components of Fitness

1. Components of Fitness

Meet fitness expert Dean Hodgkin and start class by considering the life-enhancing value of fitness and its physical and mental health benefits. You'll investigate cardiovascular health, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility and body composition.

2. How Fit Are You?

2. How Fit Are You?

Measuring the core elements of your own fitness is an important step in designing and managing an exercise program. Here, learn about the principal methods of fitness testing and how to set benchmarks to monitor your progress.

3. Overcome the Barriers to Exercise

3. Overcome the Barriers to Exercise

In this lesson, examine the logistical and psychological challenges in designing a fitness program and how to overcome them. From there, learn some of the many ways you can integrate exercise into your daily routine.

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