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with David-Dorian Ross
Online Class

Mastering Tai Chi

by The Great Courses
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Start your journey of personal mastery with internationally acclaimed tai chi master David-Dorian Ross. Follow along as he takes you deep into the principles of this ancient Chinese practice as well as its long history, classic texts, and techniques to strengthen you body and mind. Along the way, you’ll master the Yang-style 40-movement form and discover a set of mental tools that you can apply in all areas of your life.


  • beginner
  • 24 episodes
  • 12h32m

Included in this Class

1. The Path Towards Mastery

1. The Path Towards Mastery

Welcome to the guan, or tai chi studio. Start your journey on the path of mastery as David-Dorian Ross explains how taijiquan is a complex system that weaves together martial artistry, the pursuit of health and longevity, and the philosophy of harmony and balance. Practice several stances that you'll use throughout the Yang-style 40-movement form, then learn your first tai chi principle.

2. Harmony Is the Ultimate Goal

2. Harmony Is the Ultimate Goal

Continue your study of tai chi's principles with its most fundamental concept: When you're in harmony and balance, everything works better. Consider how this applies to your body, your mind, and your relationships with others. Then learn the first two movements of the Yang-style 40 form: Commencing and Grasp the Bird's Tail.

3. Walking Like a Cat

3. Walking Like a Cat

Movements in tai chi are graceful, balanced and unhurried. This is accomplished through mindful awareness of your body, thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is an essential element of tai chi and a vital tool for a harmonious life. Use this awareness as you learn the next two movements of the form: Single Whip, and Step Up and Raise Hands.