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Essentials of Tai Chi & Qigong

by The Great Courses
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Skip the gym and discover how the slow-motion moves of tai chi (taiji) and qigong utilize more muscles than many other exercises, giving you a total-body workout. Here, award-winning master tai chi instructor David-Dorian Ross takes you through the practice, history, benefits and philosophy of these immensely rewarding activities to help you find balance and improve your health. Along the way, you’ll master the world’s most popular tai chi routine — the 24-movement Yang family short form.

Lesson Breakdown

1. The Snake & the Crane
Your instructor, David-Dorian Ross, starts class by recounting the history of tai chi and qigong, which are closely related practices. Then he introduces the Yang family short form of 24 individual movements, and closes with his top 10 tips for your personal practice.
2. First Steps in a Journey
3. Harmony & Balance
4. The Ultimate Martial Art
5. The Five Families of Tai Chi Practice
6. Qigong & the Five Animal Frolics
7. Energy Exercise: A Branch of Chinese Medicine
8. The First Pillar of Practice: Forms
9. The Second Pillar: Push Hands for Two
10. The Third Pillar: Standing Meditation
11. Benefits to the Hearts & Immune System
12. A Healthy Weight & a Healthy Mind
13. Tai Chi Legends: Stories of the Masters
14. Reading the Tai Chi Classics
15. A Superior Workout: Use More of Your Muscles
16. Eight Pieces of Brocade & a Better Back
17. Tai Chi Weapons: When Hands Are Not Empty
18. Using the Mind: Inner Organizing Principles
19. Mental & Physical Flow
20. Creating Space for Choices
21. Flow at Work: When Business Is in Balance
22. Energy Flow in Your Surroundings
23. Taking Practice Deeper
24. The Evolution of Tai Chi

Taught by

David-Dorian Ross
David-Dorian Ross
David-Dorian Ross is the founder and CEO of TaijiFit and the creator of the TaijiFit mind-body exercise program. He holds a B.A. in Human Movement Studies from San Francisco State University and has completed graduate course work in physical education and Chinese. Trained in China with championship martial arts coaches, he has had an illustrious career in competitive tai chi, winning seven U.S. gold medals, two world bronze medals, and a world silver medal, the highest awards ever given to an American for international tai chi performance.

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