Knitting Techniques

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What’s a Knitting Board?

By Ashley Little
What's a Knitting BoardGive your needles a break and try this alternative for knitting anything from sweaters to blankets. With knitting boards, you’re still wrapping yarn like you would in hand knitting, except that the pegs are serving as your needles. Read more »

Knitting with Ribbon Yarn Tips

By Sarah Johnson
Knitting Ribbon Yarn TipsRibbon yarns can create a fun, festive project, with a little shine and often with a metallic touch. They can be slippery yarns, so be careful when choosing needles and keep your yarn in a plastic bag while knitting, in case your ball unwinds itself. To play up the visual appeal of ribbon yarns, use a pattern that involves a drop or wrap stitch, letting the ribbon yarn shine. Read more »

Jazz Up Any Scarf with Ruffles

By Sarah Johnson
Knit RufflesScarves are one of the easiest knitting projects, right? Whenever you can’t think of what to make for someone or with a particular skein of yarn, you often default to: scarf. At least I do. So I’m always looking for interesting embellishments to jazz them up. One great option? Add ruffles! Read more »

How to Knit Stripes

By Sarah Johnson
How to Knit StripesStripes can be incorporated into any knitting project in a couple of ways; either through the use of self-striping yarn or by alternating between a couple of yarn colors. If you choose your own colors and alternate between skeins of yarn, you’ll need to designate a right side of your project and make sure you always incorporate your new yarn while working a right side row. Learn tricks for knitting stripes! Read more »

How to Knit Ribbing

By Sarah Johnson
Ribbing is one of the most useful, versatile knit stitches around. You’ll need to know how to knit ribbing for projects as varied as hats, sweaters, and socks. Ribbing creates an elastic fabric that stretches when you need it to, but fits snug otherwise, and it never rolls. The basic principle of ribbing is to alternate columns of stockinette stitch with columns of reverse stockinette. Read more »

Learn to Knit the Daisy Stitch

By Ashley Little
How to Knit the Daisy StitchAs knitters, we sometimes think crocheters have all the fun stitch patterns. Not so! Learn to knit the daisy stitch and make all your crochet granny squares jealous. Read more »

Pick Up the Russian Knitting Technique

By Sarah Johnson
Russian Knitting TechniqueThe Russian knitting technique is a “pick” style knitting technique where the left hand holds the yarn while the right-hand needle picks up the yarn. The key is in holding the yarn taut, wrapped around the index finger of your left-hand so it is in perfect position for the right-hand needle to hook it with only a little flick. Learn more about how it can help you create a faster, easier purl stitch and an exceptionally even stockinette stitch. Read more »

Specialty Fabric Tips

By Julia Garza
Specialty Fabric TipsMove over cotton and silk! There’s a whole world of specialty fabric to discover. Learn how to work with more challenging specialty fabrics. Read more »
moss stitching

How to Knit a Moss Stitch

By Sarah Johnson

The double moss stitch is a commonly-used knit stitch that goes a little beyond the basic garter or stockinette. Moss stitch takes seed stitch, which alternates knit and purl stitches every stitch, every row, and stretches it out over two rows.

Read more »