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Tulip CarryC Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set

Smooth-swivel joins and a secret stay-put rubber ring make this interchangeable set a knitter's dream.

What You Get

  • 11 pairs of bamboo knitting needles with sharp tips
  • 3 cables: for total lengths of 20", 24" and 32"
  • 1 cable adapter for smoothly joining lengths of cable
  • 4 stoppers
  • 2 yarn needles
  • 1 gauge with built-in yarn cutter
  • Case

Product Details

  • Warm, sharp-tipped bamboo needles: Regular - 3¾" or Long - 4½"
  • Exceptionally smooth rotary cable join prevents twisting
  • Easy to unscrew without any tools
  • Thanks to the secret rubber ring in the join, screws won't loosen during knitting, so there is no need for re-tightening
  • Total length is determined by the length of the cable PLUS the length of the needle tips.

Product Specs

Product MaterialBamboo