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Gorgeous multicolored scarf on the Craftsy Knitting Blog!

Color Your World: 5 Extraordinary Color-Play Knits

By Elena Rosenberg

Are you fascinated and inspired by color? Color adorns our world, from the brights of your spring garden to the soft pastels of an ocean-side sunset, to the vibrant earthy tones of autumn's foliage. These five extraordinary patterns, found right here on Craftsy, would make Kaffe Fassett, the king of color, proud.

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Warm-Weather Sweater Ideas So You Can Knit All Summer Long!

By Andrea Sanchez

I've heard from a lot of knitters that they don't know what kind of sweaters to knit in the summer because having what seems like a giant woolen blanket on your lap can be overwhelming in the hot months. Here are some tips to keep adding to you hand-knit sweater collection no matter the temperature!

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