Triangular scarf

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Nanax4 made Triangular scarf with:

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Knit Faster With Portuguese Knitting

with Andrea Wong

  • 4-ply self-patterning sock yarn
  • 75% virgin wool and 25% polyamide from "Opal". Yarn coloring is inspired by a painting by Hundertwasser.

Q&A with Nanax4

Livinitup asked:
Your scarf is really beautiful! I intend to knit one similar in leftover sock yarn. I hope it turns out as well. Excited to try a new technique!
Nanax4 answered:
Have fun knitting!
shellcaff5143935 asked:
Do you know which color you used? I found "Sunny:, "Kim" and "Thelma." in Opal yarns. This is so pretty!
Nanax4 answered:
Thank you. The color information says that it is based on the painting by Hundertwasser (an Austrian painter) "Winterbild Polyp Wintergeist" (Winter Picture, Winter Spirit Octopus"). Actually, I'm not sure whether or not this color is standardly available. My daughter bought the yarn for me at the Hundertwasser Museum in Vienna.
lem6242410237458 asked:
Beautiful indeed! Did you follow a pattern for the design? Thanks.
Nanax4 answered:
Thank you for your kind comment. It's been a while since I knit the scarf but I think I used the "My Heart, My Love" shawlette pattern by Tanya Marie Willis Anderson (Ravelry). It's a simple pattern that lets the self-striping yarn show to full advantage.