Temptation poncho

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Temptation Poncho and Hat Set

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Temptation Poncho and Hat Set

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  • King Cole Big Value Super Chunky
  • US 9 / 5.5 mm / UK 5

Q&A with gsp531110351433

mzendler16769818 asked:
I like this for myelf- any suggestions for making an adult version?
gsp531110351433 answered:
Sorry for late reply but unfortunately I am unable to help you with this. The first one I did (this one shown) turned out a lot bigger than it should do but I had used super chunky. It will fit perhaps a ten year old. I am not clever enough to add to the pattern to make it bigger, but maybe using larger needles will make it larger. Sorry I can't help you but I think I have seen a similar pattern for adults. Good luck.
aprilmaci2034966 asked:
I do not understand how to place the markers without knitting the row ,and does the hat pattern come with the poncho pattern or do i have to purchase the hat pattern separately Thanks
gsp531110351433 answered:
My markers are like tiny plastic safety pins so I started knitting the row and fastened the markers onto the stitches. I haven't got my pattern handy but I did knit the hat so it must have been on the pattern. I found this easier to knit than i thought it would be and didn't really need the markers as it becomes obvious as it grows. Good luck xx
vanyaorr18795302 asked:
How much wool is needed for two little ones? Probably I will use just chunky wool as they are 1 year old twins so it will come a bit smaller... or how much wool did you use of the super chunky for one outfit?
gsp531110351433 answered:
I have knit this three times now using super chunky, chunky and double knitting and non of them are small enough to fit my great granddaughter who is 3 1/2. I think she will be about 5 or 6 before the smallest of them (double knitting) fits her. Very disappointing about the size because the pattern shows a toddler wearing one and they are so lovely when knitted. Sorry I cannot help. Have a look for another pattern