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LNAHO made Sweater with:

Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More

Online Class

Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More

with Chris Bylsma

  • US 4 / 3.5 mm

Q&A with LNAHO

Chris Bylsma asked:
Lovely! Well done.
LNAHO answered:
Thank you , the class was really helpful !
didigard67 asked:
That is a job well done. That looks like a professional completed that neckline. Can I send my knitted sweaters to be finished by you? Just kidding, I hope that mine look as beautiful
LNAHO answered:
Thank you for your nice comment ! I won't mind finish your next sweater, but could you send it in that cute quilted tote I saw on your page ? Kidding too. I'm just waiting to see your project, have a good time finishing it.