Sock Monkey Booties

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Sock Monkey Baby Booties

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Sock Monkey Baby Booties

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tanis121571623 asked:
+how do you get these patterns .i like the monkee slippers but don't see how to get pattern
oksofine735749 answered:
http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sock-monkey-booties-4 That's the link on Ravelry.
sspicer181843482 asked:
I am a beginning knitter and I don't understand where I pick up the 48 stictches. I am doing the 12 months size. Please help. I have the toe portion knitted and the seam sewn the 1.5" but can't figure out where I'm supposed to pick up the 48 stitches for the cuff.
oksofine735749 answered:
Pick up the stitches on the opposite edge of where the toe is. This will become the cuff, The wrong side of your work will now become the right side because it folds over. This is very important when working the stripes. Hope this helped. :)

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