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Feminine Fit: Bust Shaping Techniques

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Feminine Fit: Bust Shaping Techniques

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Q&A with Joan McGowan-Michael

FiberToFabric asked:
Is this pattern included in the course? Is it just Plus sizes?
Joan McGowan-Michael answered:
The Shapely Tank and sleeve (to make a Tee shirt) are included in the course.
suzyba asked:
Yes, that's my question too as my problem is the reverse even small size patterns are way too big across the upper chest and shoulders for me so I need to know how to make them smaller, not bigger.
Joan McGowan-Michael answered:
I do speak about sizing things down as well as up. The measurements I show how to take are pertinent for everyone, large or small.
rdromualdo asked:
I'd like to enroll this class, but first I need to know if there are any Joan's pattern included as downloadable material. It would be great to learn "feminine fit" and, in the end, have a knitted "Zelda Blouse" or a "Clarissa Cardigan".
Joan McGowan-Michael answered:
As wonderful as that would be, both of those styles feature details that would confuse the heck out of knitters with less advanced skills, and I wanted this to be a class that just about anyone could understand.
FiberToFabric asked:
Hmmmm, doesn't appear anyone is listening! Not too concerned about possible students...
Joan McGowan-Michael answered:
Better late than never...
Sarahcita asked:
I agree that there doesn't seem to be a lot of monitoring by the instructors or Craftsy staff on these classes. But on the bright side, it can be encouraging for us to try something new or maybe collaborate in order to answer our questions. In looking at the other projects associated with this course, I saw the pattern for the Shapely Tank designed by Joan quite a few years ago. It's under the pics for Joan McGowan Projects. Here's what is in the notes for this pattern.: This project was made as part of a Craftsy course: Feminine Fit Instructions -- The pattern is included in the class materials. So, to answer your questions, no, the pattern for the sweater on this page doesn't appear to be included in the course. I think that only the Shapely Tank is included. Joan is an incredible designer who knows so much about fit and flattering shapely forms. She always has an excellent wide range of sizing. I'm very excited to start taking the class from her!
Joan McGowan-Michael answered:
Good sleuthing; thank you for answering that.