Plaidadaption poncho

see review. very pleased.

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Martywell made Plaidadaption poncho with:

Plaidaptation Poncho Knitting Kit


Plaidaptation Poncho Knitting Kit

by Aunt Ninny

  • kit from craftsy

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see review. very pleased.

Q&A with Martywell

lilliandi1421536498 asked:
I ordered this and I got my yarn, but I only downloaded the instructions on my phone and it didn't save. Could you send them again? Debbie Davis #4477 9/2019
Martywell answered:
You need to contact customer service. But, usually there is a patterns section that you can access when you login. All of the patterns you buy should be available for you to download again. I'm just a customer like you and can't send you anything.
roseprest16889463 asked:
Hi, I'm thinking of ordering this in the same colours as yours (mulberry, sky blue & grass) but notice that you have a lot more of the 'sky blue' colour than in the kit picture - was this by choice or what wool amounts were provided? Also, just out of interest, what size did you make - lots of people discuss running out of yarn & I'd like to make the larger size, but if yarn is a problems, I'd rather try for the smaller one - just worried it wouldn't be big enough! Thanks!!!
Martywell answered:
I see what you mean about the colors. My kit definitely had more sky blue than green. I made the smaller size and had maybe half a skein of the blue left, but really very little left of the other 2 colors. The size is ok for an adult, average size person (dress size 14). The opening for the neck is small, but stretches. I don't know if there is enough yarn for the large size. I figured the kit was a good deal and that I might make the larger size sometime with yarn I could get separately in case I needed more.
Ana Banny asked:
Hi, just finished the two sides of the poncho and I am having difficulty putting them together, after placing the two side at an angle and folding the shoulders I just don' know where to do the sewing.
Martywell answered:
Ana, I hope you realize that I'm just a customer like you and by no means an expert on giving advice. It would have been nice if there had been a graphic in the pattern to help. But, this is really a very common poncho made from two rectangles and I found some images on the web that might help you. I googled "poncho made from two rectangles". Here's a link with a graphic: So basically, follow the instructions in the pattern (which I've edited a bit) : Lay one of the pieces out, RS down, with the original cast on edge at the top, angled 45° to the right. With the same piece, Fold top fourth towards you so the right side shows. The fold you have just made will be at one shoulder. Now lay the second piece right side up, angled to the left, on top of the first piece, with the bottom points even. Fold the shoulder edge under (to the back) so it meets the underneath piece. Adjust so the 12 garter stitch rows overlap the 6 stitchgarter stitch edging, pin, and sew in place. A double row of stitching will prevent gapping. It's been a while since I made this and I think I had to compare my work to the pattern image to decide which piece I wanted to start with. If you look at the pattern finished images, you can see how they organized the thin lines and the thick ones. They don't really match up, but they look nice. I hope this helps. Marty

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