Love this pattern! Easy for beginners but keeps your interest.

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Love this pattern! Easy for beginners but keeps your interest.

Q&A with vjh1530

LemonyQuilts asked:
Yours is far lovelier than the sample picture for the pattern. I’m in the middle of my first lace project right now (a different pattern) and seeing yours pictured here is such an encouragement, since you indicate that it’s appropriate for my “entry-level” lace skills. This one is going to the top of my “probably soon” list!
vjh1530 answered:
Thank you! I found this to be a very enjoyable project. I have knitted 6 shawls using this pattern because it is perfect for most 100 gm skeins of fingering wool, it is easy enough to knit while watching TV but doesn't get boring, and it is so pretty. I am sure you will enjoy it as well.
rnaoc1920482588 asked:
I crochet but want to learn how to knit, would this be a good Project to learn on?
vjh1530 answered:
I would suggest getting some basic knitting time under your belt before you try to knit any lace project, and learn to knit with charts. Charts look intimidating, but are incredibly easy. I color code mine with highlighters - yellow on all the K2tog, pink on all SSK, etc. I find it easier to read colors than symbols. Charts will make lace knitting so much easier. This is a good project for a new lace knitter. The pattern has easy lace stitches, and the reverse rows are all plain purls. Being a crocheter will help you because you already have skill in reading patterns and mixing up stitch types. If you have already crocheted from charts, so much the better. Good luck!