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Organ Pipe Mitts

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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts

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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts

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Q&A with Stephannie Tallent

Auntsh asked:
I am intrigued with these, but I can't find the pattern for them. Was it a part of the packet?
Stephannie Tallent answered:
Hi! It's a standalone pattern, used as an example in the class. You can find it under my patterns on Craftsy.
moreno1406621752 asked:
Hi, is there also a stand alone patter for the mitts in the lower right corner of the craftsy picture of your course? The mitts is also pictured on the 19 page pattern file. She is holding the red cup. I'd love to make these. thx
Stephannie Tallent answered:
The Poppies mitts, with the green lace cuffs? Those are available in the Dreaming of Shetland ebook (you can get that on Ravelry). I'll be formatting that pattern as a standalone pattern in the future.