Maiden Jane

Mystic Shawl - Drachenfels Shawl

Purchased the "water" kit.

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Maiden Jane made Mystic Shawl - Drachenfels Shawl with:

Drachenfels Shawl Knitting Kit


Drachenfels Shawl Knitting Kit

by Melanie Berg featuring Cloudborn Highland Sport

Project Description

Purchased the "water" kit.

Q&A with Maiden Jane

garbarino asked:
My daughter is Allergic to wool.... an different yarn be used. Thanks for your help I know she will love this shall.mystic shawl....anita
Maiden Jane answered:
I think you could use a synthetic with similar results. A cotton, however, might change the drape.
Marguerite Dipple asked:
Does the "water" color have green in it?
Maiden Jane answered:
From the photos above, you can see the green shade in this kit.
wsueblue11634088 asked:
What color is fire, ice, energy, earth, sky, etc.? Sue Whelton
Maiden Jane answered:
Sue, my project is made in "water." Check out the kit page and scroll through the photos and they are labeled with the color:
eileen.gil3 asked:
Although the photos show the colors, and listed on the pattern I purchased of Drachenfels shawl in combination called "water". It does not give me the which colors were for Color A, B or C. Please advise so that I can get the look in the photos. thank
Maiden Jane answered:
Oh gosh, that is a good question! It was a bit of a pain to figure out and when I did I wrote the letters on the skeins and also my colors next to the A, B, and C. Unfortunately, I did not save my pattern notes because I printed the pattern out and tossed it! I just double-checked all my WIP bags to see if I still had it. I believe the pattern starts with the short end/point, which if you look at my shawl, would be the deeper blue and powder blue - working toward the "longer end", which is the greenish yarn. I hope that helps. If you figure it out, post it here to help others.

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