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Knit Faster With Continental Knitting

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Knit Faster With Continental Knitting

with Lorilee Beltman

  • US 6 / 4.0 mm / UK 8

Q&A with Delightful seam

Lorilee Beltman asked:
That's my point! You worked this flat, meaning on the wrong side you purled. Viewed from the right side, all your rows look identical. This is not easy to achieve. Clapping for you.
Delightful seam answered:
Thanks Lorilee, I am humbly learning at your feet. Thanks again for you invaluable lessons.
mchurchil473326 asked:
So, did you do this as a real knitting novice? If so, wow! I'm impressed! I'm a crocheter looking to try my hand at knitting again, and I'd love to think I could create such lovely stitch patterns in knitting!
Delightful seam answered:
Haaaha I am humbled, so much if at all to impress anyone. This leaf lace has mistakes, but it passes the eye easily. I was impressed by Lorilee Beltman so I learned her style of knitting. I have gone on and on and on, have done lace knitting. Ocean scarf by Eunny Jang. I understand your feeling, but this is my take. The fear is us, the fighter is us, the overcome and winner is still us. Now go for it, be a winner.
pink.owl asked:
Wow! That's beautiful!
Delightful seam answered:
Thank you Pink.owl