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Cowchicken made knitting pins with:

Knit Faster With Portuguese Knitting

Online Class

Knit Faster With Portuguese Knitting

with Andrea Wong

  • Two Lobster Clasp Two Bulb Pins

Q&A with Cowchicken

NancyCaccioppo asked:
Christy, do not want to appear dumb, how do you attach it to your front.
Cowchicken answered:
You just pin it to your shirt. The bulb pin is going into the whole on the lobster clasp. The bulb pin in just like a safety pin but with a wide bottom and no coil at the bottom. So you just simply pin it to you shirt . I will post a picture. This was very inexpensive the lobster clasp i found at walmart and the bulb pins i got from joann fabric. They cost me probably less than five dollars becase i had a coupon for joann fabrics. I hope this helps. Also i use the extra bulb pins as stitch markers.
NancyCaccioppo asked:
ah thank you, did not realize that the bulb pin is sharp like a safety pin, this is a good idea, Christy are they pretty lightweight? the lobster claw looks kind of heavy
Cowchicken answered:
They have very little weight to them at all. I think the pictures make them look heavier but they are actually very light. There is no pull on my clothing when they are attached i sometimes forget i have them on.
ingrid richards asked:
Thanks for this idea and for sharing. I have been looking for months for this pin; and even popular places like Michaels store (in Canada) - the manager there told me that she does not know about Portuguese knitting or this pin. I was quite disappointed, as my knitting had to be put on hold as a result of the pains caused by my carpel tunnel cramps. God's willing, I will be able to make a pair so that I can start doing Andrea Wong's type of knitting; it should give me a definite ease. Now I will be able to get my Christmas knitting going. One thing: would u be able to tell me where I could get the Lobster Clasps? I think I will be able to get the bulb pins, and if I can't, I could substitute with large safety pins, am sure. Once again, thanks for sharing.
Cowchicken answered:
I found mine at walmart in the dept. Where you get supplies for jewelry making. I had pain problems with my hands also after knitting the english style but this style will definitely take the pain out of knitting. I hope you can get back to your knitting as i did.
Andrea Wong asked:
Cute! I love it!
Cowchicken answered:
Thanks so much. I have really enjoyed your class and have now been converted to the Portuguese style of knitting. I hope that you will do more classes using this style. You are a great teacher.
pglidden8877532 asked:
I have enjoyed the Portuguese Knitting classes but for some reason I can not get the tension right and it is very frustrating. I have tried all the little tricks you suggested and my tension is still way too tight. Do you have any other suggestions that were not covered in the video class? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you Luv4angels
Cowchicken answered:
Don't give up it gets easier with practice.