Knee length weekender sweater

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Vf asked:
Could you pleSe tell me if there is another yarn I can use instead of Patons classic woo? In my stash I havenerino wool. WIll this work? Viv Thanks
kimstady43131 answered:
Since I had never made a sweater, I did not want to spend a lot of money on yarn. I found a look-a-like yarn at Hobby Lobby (Crafter's Secret). It looks like the same yarn in the picture, but is a little on the scratchy side. But I didn't feel the stress of spending a forture on a project I might not finish. But I did finish it!
linda.sch8650626 asked:
Can I get the pattern for the knee length weekender sweater? I already know how to knit and I knit well. I li
kimstady43131 answered:
I would guess you would just measure from the top of your shoulder to the desired length and knit the back to match that and then it would be easy to make the adjustments for the fronts because we are counting rows not inches to the start of shoulder shaping. The added rows would be in the back before the shoulder shaping.
ShibaInuLover asked:
As Linda asked, is just the pattern available for purchase? I don't need a class or a kit. I only need the pattern. Would love to make your lovely cardigan, but am on a very limited budget and can't afford to pay for the class when all I need is the pattern.
kimstady43131 answered:
I think it is listed under Caddie's name in Ravelry.
donnaw5710916 asked:
Could you recommend another yarn to use besides "Wool" .? Thanks
kimstady43131 answered:
I am at best an intermediate knitter. So I don't feel that I can answer that question accurately. I used a very cheap acrylic yarn in this sweater, because I have never made a sweater and didn't want to invest in an expensive yarn until I knew more of what I was doing. The sweater has turned out beautifully, so I think that any yarn, that you can achieve the correct gauge and you love would work.

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