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Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More

Online Class

Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More

with Chris Bylsma

  • An Italian merino wool.
  • US 9 / 5.5 mm / UK 5

Q&A with victoriaseww

Chris Bylsma asked:
Beautiful job!! Never received your question, though, so please post it again!
victoriaseww answered:
This sweater is garter in the front and SS in back and sleeves. How do I decide how to bind off if SS stitch uses 2 sizes smaller and garter uses original size? I used an in between of a size 8 but the garter was a bit tight.
Chris Bylsma asked:
I assume you are referring to picking up and binding off for that lovely neckline edge. :) The two needle sizes smaller, or one size in your case, are not dependent on whether it is garter or stickinette since you are picking up stitch for stitch. The difference in needle sizes applies to a vertical edge. Garter stitch is sort of an accordian fold if you look at it sideways. Needles too small, or skipping too often will pull in the fabric. When in doubt, swatch, my favorite word!
victoriaseww answered:
Thanks for clarifying for me. I loved your class and am anxious to try the reverse SS and the icord necklines. My head hurts I learned so much. You are a fabulous instructor.
anneapple16843734 asked:
Why can't I get nice edges​ on armholes and necks. I always end up with holes below where I have made stitches. It is so disappointing 😎
victoriaseww answered:
I'm pretty new to knitting so definitely don't have all the answers. My problem before the class was knowing what to pick up. I was taking too big a bite. To me, the video was very clear. You might watch it again right before you start picking up to refresh how you do it. I marked the place on the video in the notes section so I could find it easily. I review it every time before I start. Good luck.