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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts

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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts

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lem6242410237458 asked:
Stephannie, I just found your class and I want you to know that these are THE most gorgeous mitts I've ever seen. But before attempting any, I have to know whether they are accomplished, as they seem to be, with a maximum of two colors per row (plus the occasional duplicate stitch). I'm a new and passionate convert to Portuguese-style knitting. I hadn't given mitts serious consideration before now, but your designs are an inspiration, and I have lots of sibs in cold places!
Stephannie Tallent answered:
Thank you so much!!! These mitts -- the Surf's Up mitts -- are just with two different yarns (both of which were hand dyed, which accounts for the slight variation in color). No duplicate stitching in these.
Tucsonan asked:
I love this color-work pattern! Is it included in your class?
Stephannie Tallent answered:
hi! I'm so glad you love it! The design is used as an example of the types of designs you can come up with on your own, but the pattern itself is not included in the class. --Stephannie