Impulsive shawl

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sanchez made Impulsive shawl with:

Impulsive Shawl Knitting Kit


Impulsive Shawl Knitting Kit

by yellowcosmo

Q&A with sanchez

yummybear asked:
What color did you use for the lace?!
sanchez answered:
Taupe Heather asked:
What is the yarn
sanchez answered:
The yarn came in the kit. It was their Cloudborn yarn. Main Color: Petal, Lace Color: Taupe Heather
Jettquilts asked:
No question, just want to say that you have beautiful knitting stitches!
sanchez answered:
Thank you so much. This was a gift for my best friend and one of my favorite knitted pieces. She is a "pink" girl and also loves lacey stuff. The colors were to me very Victorian.
dianadha7412170 asked:
I can't make the lace pattern work. I don't seem to have enough stiches to make the 9 repeats required in row 3 of the chart instructions I have 295sts after the all the color changes. Diana
sanchez answered:
Be sure to read the special stitches instructions at the beginning of the pattern on how to work the k3tog-yo-k3tog. You don’t work it like it reads.
Schmoopy asked:
The colors are amazing, and I never would have thought to put them together. I don't have a question (yet) either. But couldn't help commenting on it, it's so beautiful!
sanchez answered:
Thank you so much. My friend is a real pink fan and she loves lacy things. I think the two colors together gave it a more of an old Victorian look.

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