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Cafeglover asked:
I just purchased this class, and cannot wait to begin as soon as I gather supplies! SO excited to knit for my Irish husband.
Patty Lyons answered:
oooh. I can't wait to see what you make. Don't forget to post project photos!
2esgma asked:
I just started this class this weekend and can't wait to begin my samples. Where do you talk about what size needles to use please.
Patty Lyons answered:
Welcome to the class. Needles go with your yarn. In your materials sheet you'll see the patterns for the in class projects. We'll be working on at hat made with Fisherman's Wool on a US 7 needle. You'll have plenty of yarn in one skein of Fisherman's Wool to make all your swatches with as well, so you can use that yarn and work with US 7, 8 or 9, whatever you are most comfortable with.