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Sizing Knitwear Patterns

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Sizing Knitwear Patterns

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Q&A with Faina Goberstein

Rosessix asked:
Beautiful sweater but I have a Mac and do not have Excel Could I use this class on anything a Mac uses? I have heard that there is a new Mac version of Microsoft but don't know much about it. I would love to take this class. Thanks.
Faina Goberstein answered:
You just need a table and a calculator. The Numbers for Mac is very similar to Excel. Also some people use a free Google doc version.
adrienebr11383213 asked:
Would the information covered apply to knitting garments for men as well? I would like to be able to size my husband's sweaters and knit vests properly.
Faina Goberstein answered:
Yes, it would.s It is the same in terms of the process. The difference is in the measurements, but you will measure your husband.
nehma asked:
Can you apply the techniques you learn in the course to any pattern?
Faina Goberstein answered:
Absolutely. I apply it for hats, gloves, shawls, etc.
DrLiv asked:
I'm using a DROPS pattern to make a sweater for my sister. Unfortunately, her bust measurement is too big for the large size, but too small for the extra large size. Will this course teach me what to do to knit her sweater so it fits her?
Faina Goberstein answered:
That is exactly what I teach in this course. You would love it and be able to change any patter.
Terri K asked:
I have a large bust, but my back is little. Do you teach short row shaping?
Faina Goberstein answered:
I teach design of a sweater in this class. You can use your particular measurements and get the fit you need. Short rows is a special technique and I do not see how this is going to help with your measurements. I do use them and teach them, but not in this class.

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