Romi Hill

Fiori Autunnali Shawl

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Romi Hill made Fiori Autunnali Shawl with:

New Directions in Lace

Online Class

New Directions in Lace

with Romi Hill

  • Miss Babs Wild Silk yarn
  • 1 skein

Q&A with Romi Hill

Fibrefan asked:
Absolutely stunning! Can't wait to have some time to enroll!
Romi Hill answered:
I hope you'll join us!
stacie_br856296 asked:
The shawl is gorgeous.
Romi Hill answered:
Thank you!
Thebrownspindle asked:
Wonderful yes....but MUCH too big a piece for me and I am enrolled in several classes that I have yet to finish. This one is not for me....
Romi Hill answered:
There is also a doll sized shawl that quite a few people have knit in dk or worsted weight yarn as a human sized scarf. You learn the techniques, but it only takes about 300 yards or so. And waaaaay less time! :)
Halangeia asked:
This class is definitely for me but I have a couple of others to finish first!!
Romi Hill answered:
I'm so glad you'll be joining us!
Jo la Fleur asked:
Oh how beautiful!!!
Romi Hill answered:
Thank you so much!