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Wear What You Knit: Perfect Sweater Fit & Style

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Wear What You Knit: Perfect Sweater Fit & Style

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Q&A with Sally Melville

ZoeOB asked:
In the past, I would not have thought an outfit like this would flatter me, but it does. Thank you, Sally, for showing us "real world" examples. You're an excellent teacher and designer!
Sally Melville answered:
Thank you so much for writing and fr being such a good student!!!!
ctoenyes44007973 asked:
Love this! What is the pattern?
Sally Melville answered:
It is my UNIVERSAL VEST, available here!
Danita Bratton-Gabbrants asked:
In this class, do you actually get to make a sweater or is this instruction and you have to have your own pattern? If there is a sweater pattern in this lesson, can I see the sweater first to see if I would even like it? Thank you.
Sally Melville answered:
No there is no sweater pattern in this class. This class is about all the sweater shapes and patterns you might make, how to measure for them, how to adjust them, and what to wear with them.