Emergency Nickel Cowl

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Perchance made Emergency Nickel Cowl with:

Emergency Nickel Cowl Knitting Kit


Emergency Nickel Cowl Knitting Kit

by Sunne Meyer

Q&A with Perchance

suzanneinmountains asked:
I am starting the Emergency Nickel Cowl. There are decrease instructions as part of the Stitch Guide, yet the cowl pattern shows no decreases. I guess these might be for the EN hat pattern? In the Lifted Stitch Left stitch guide, do you knit the 2 together through the front or back loop? Thanks. Suzanne Carter
Perchance answered:
The decreases are for the hat. If I remember correctly I knitted through the back loop on the lifted stitch.
suzigunn6331647 asked:
What colors did you use?
Perchance answered:
Cloudborn merino alpaca sport in 102 Gray heather and 106 Amethyst heather
tifmyster asked:
I'm fairly new at knitting and just started this pattern. I can't find what "Rows 1-14 *K2, P1* repeat 40 times each round" means. I understand the stitches. What I'm struggling with is do I merely K2, P1 for an entire rounds 1-14? But where does the repeat 40 times come into play? Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance.
Perchance answered:
You casted on 120 stitches, so for each round you will repeat the 3 stitch pattern K2P1 40 times, for a total of 120 stitched each round, do 14 rounds.
joycewils10517017 asked:
What colors were used
Perchance answered:
Cloudborn merino alpaca sport in 102 gray heather and 106 amethyst heather