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Double Knit Elephant Blanket

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darwinexception made Double Knit Elephant Blanket with:

Adventures in Double-Knitting

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Adventures in Double-Knitting

with Alasdair Post-Quinn

  • Caron Simply Soft
  • colors Red
  • Gray

Q&A with darwinexception

Diana00 asked:
Great idea, no nedd to line the blanket. Did you do it in the round?
darwinexception answered:
No, I knit it flat. The pattern wants you to knit the blanket in the round, then steek it! Since I wasn't up to that, I knit it (on circulars) in the round, double knit.
chirojules asked:
This is wonderful! How can I get the pattern?
darwinexception answered:
The pattern is available on ravelry - it is called Elephant Blanket by Rebecca Lennox.
chirojules asked:
What does 'steek' mean? Also, I don't understand your answer to the above question. First you say you knit it flat. Then, you say you knit it (on circulars) in the round. I'm confused.
darwinexception answered:
A steek is when you cut the fabric to make an opening. It is usually used on fair isle work - most notably when knitting a sweater with a fair isle yoke - you knit the fabric as a large "tube", then cut the fabric down the front to create the front opening of the sweater. It's SCARY!!! I knit this blanket flat - on circular needles, without joining in the round. The circular needles were just to accomodate the large number of stitches.
fish_flow775240 asked:
Can you do double knit with three colors, on same row. Wanted to do a blanket of seahorses, by MC Etcher., and didn't want to put a back on it. So I thought that double knitting would be perfect. I was told no, and now I see you are creating such beautiful things in Double Knit. I have started my blanket, but would love to venture into the double knit with three colors, if possible.
darwinexception answered:
Sure! You can double knit with as many colors as you would like! Alasdair Post-Quinn has several patterns available that describe the technique, and I'm sure if you googled, you would find some youtube videos explaining how to do it. I think the Escher quilt with seahorses would be lovely if you alternated the colors of the seahorses in each row!
fbregistr16417344 asked:
Does it show you how to do the graphic work and can you Download the pattern
darwinexception answered:
Yes, there is a chart that outlines the pattern. There are no written out instructions for each row, but the chart is a good size and very easy to follow! The pattern is available on Ravelry to download. It is called "Elephant Blanket:" by Rebecca Lennox.