dark days

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BeccaBev made dark days with:

Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home

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Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home

with Sarah Eyre

  • US 0 / 2.0 mm / UK 14
  • Wool2dye 4 platinum sock. Leftover dyes
  • magenta

Q&A with BeccaBev

taukoppa asked:
Beautiful yarn, so well done! Was this yarn dyed by immersion?
BeccaBev answered:
Thank you.
shayed45412642 asked:
Do you sell any of the yarn you dye? I would love to buy the dark days yarn.
BeccaBev answered:
This yarn is knitted up into a shawl - I am just a novice dyer and don't sell my yarns. Wish I had taken notes as I get so many compliments on the shawl:)
bboop5652059695 asked:
Hi Becca! Do you have any tips for this yarn? What blue/black were you using, was it Jacquard acid dye or Dharma? Or anything else? I love the silver ish undertone so much!!!
BeccaBev answered:
I checked my facebook album to see if I have better notes, but above is all I have. I believe I used my prochem acid dyes (not jacquard as the the jacquard blue primary is really turquoise. Just the primary blue, magenta and jaquard black. I think I twisted the skein and put it in magenta and then twisted a different way and put in the blue / black. Then untwisted and added a little blue - then sprinkled sparingly with black. But honestly I could have just randomly applied color like Sarah does with a spoon and then sprinkled? In terms of the silverish color - the black in low concentrations will really deepen the blue as well as using the magenta and blue together in different concentrations. Sorry I am not more help.