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Machine Knitting: Essential Techniques

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Machine Knitting: Essential Techniques

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lilbitf10602909 asked:
BS I want to learn how to knit not buy a machines
Susan Guagliumi answered:
Believe me, I have no reason to try to sell you a machine! I used this LK150 because it is a readily available, inexpensive and easy machine to use. Also - it does everything that knitting machines are supposed to do, but in the simplest way so that the brands and machine differences are not as great. If I had used, say, a Silver Reed electronic, I would have left too many people in the dust with their Brother and Passap and other machines. This machine was the lowest common denominator, as it were. Sorry you are disappointed.But I think that if you work through the lessons, you might find yourself knitting by the end! Please don't hesitate to contact me with specifics you need help with - I have had lots of questions beyond the scope of this class and am happy to answer them.