I'd recommend buying an extra skein of yarn for this.

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I'd recommend buying an extra skein of yarn for this.

Q&A with dineylou

novaralph6237644 asked:
When doing the shape neckline, yoke do you increase the neck side of the raglan sleeve increase rows or just the raglan sleeve
dineylou answered:
If I remember correctly, the increases are : front, sleeve, sleeve, back, back, sleeve, sleeve, front. I hope this helps!
LauraHoosier68 asked:
Does the pattern cover more then one size?
dineylou answered:
Yes, it includes sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 46, 50. I made it in 46 and I usually wear size XL or 1X in most garments. It fits, but it's not generous.
Moira Farrelly asked:
An I buy just the pattern
dineylou answered:
It appears that you cannot buy just the pattern. They're selling it as a kit, so you have to choose yarn from Craftsy.
agarza422446137 asked:
I have done the first part of the pattern and it says to break yarn and put on scrap yarn and then I don't understand what to do next. Is there something on youtube that could help me? I love this pattern and don't want to stop working on it.
dineylou answered:
It's been quite awhile, so I went back and re-read the pattern. It is a little tricky around the neckline and front, and I remember thinking it couldn't possibly work. My notes indicate that I had questions just like you but apparently I just forged ahead. The stitches that you put on scrap yarn to hold will be used for the yoke, in about the third part of the instructions. I think you just have to try to follow what it says and read it over and over until it makes sense. This was not an easy pattern, and I had to fudge it further in when my stitch count was off by a LOT. I like the results but I left a note for myself to not make it again! Good luck, fingers crossed.
tam1107ge16323503 asked:
Having trouble at the shape neckline and yoke. I am pretty good at reading patterns but I can not get this to come out correctly. Can you simplify it at all for me?
dineylou answered:
I went back to my project notes on ravelry to try to help but it's been awhile and I honestly can't remember. I went back to the printed pattern in my files and it's a nightmare of numbers and notes. I left myself a note that my stitch count was with off--much higher. I think I must have just fudged it. I'm so sorry. I answered somebody else's question further down some time ago--can you see that? I wouldn't knit this again.