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Learn to Cast On!

The very first step for any knitting project is casting on! Ready to get started? Watch the video below, or check out our tutorials for even more methods.

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Cast-On Tutorials

There's more than one way to cast on! Discover a few more of our favorite techniques, plus a few specialty approaches, with these FREE tutorials.

Long-Tail Cast-On

This popular cast-on method creates an even set of stretchy stitches. Best of all, it's easy to do and, if you need, pick up stitches late. Once you get the hang of it, it can be the fastest to cast on.

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Knitted Cast-On

This cast-on (great for beginners!) is used to form a nice, firm edge using a knit or purl stitch. If you know how to make a slip knot, make a knit stitch and slip stitches, you can easily tackle this approach.

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Cable Cast-On

A cable cast-on is used when starting projects that have a rib or cable. This loose, stretchy cast-on is very similar to the knitted cast-on, with just one little change that makes it more suitable for twisting and turning stitches.

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Backwards Loop/Thumb Cast-On

This cast-on has many names. The backwards loop, loop, thumb method, single cast-on, and e-wrap cast-on. This can be used to start your project or to create stitches in the body of your work. It’s great for a beginning knitter, as it's easy and quick to learn. Our pictures will help guide you through this splendidly simple cast-on.

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Crochet Cast-On

This cast-on, made with a crochet hook, results in an edge that matches most bind-offs. The cast-on stitches are also easy to pick up later (and you can even make it a provisional cast-on). When you're not sure how much yarn you have, choose this cast-on!

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Tubular Cast-On

Does your project start with ribbing? Go with the tubular cast-on, which lets you cast on both knit and purl stitches, making your ribbed edge look much neater. You'll need a needle that's slightly smaller than your main needle for this cast-on.

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Chinese Waitress Cast-On

This cast-on is less common, but its medium amount of stretch and an equally pretty look in front and back can come in handy. You can find step-by-step instructions (and a bit about this cast-on's history and name origins) in our blog post tutorial.

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Provisional Cast-On

Provisional means temporary, and that's exactly what this cast-on is. A provisional cast-on is a temporary cast-on that can be removed to reveal live stitches, which you can continue working later.

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Judy's Magic Cast-On

What makes it magic? When you start with this cast-on, there's no need to seam pieces together with the kitchener stitch. This mesmerizing cast-on, designed by Judy Becker, creates a seamless start for toe-up socks, mittens and more.

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Channel Island Cast-On

The Channel Island cast-on creates a decorative edge at the bottom of your knitting that complements a band of garter stitch or a 1x1 rib.

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Let's Keep Knitting!

Once you've casted on, you're finally at the fun part! To keep you stitching successfully, we're sharing a few of our favorite resources. Enjoy!

More Cast-On Methods

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