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Knitting Stitches You Need to Know

Knitting Stitches You Need to Know is a free PDF guide available exclusively on Bluprint, featuring 19 pages packed with tutorials, tips and tricks from experts. Download it instantly for free now (you can even print it easily if you'd like) and enjoy it forever in the comfort of your home or even on the go.

Product Details

Stitch your way to knitted joy by mastering seven essential stitches. Download Bluprint's exclusive guide of free knitting tutorials, and learn techniques for completing the knit projects of your dreams.

Each tutorial will teach you a new stitch, allowing you to knit and purl your way around any project. Build your confidence and get ready to create fantastic knitted garments and apparel for friends, family and, of course, yourself!


  • Garter stitch
  • Stockinette stitch
  • Seed stitch
  • Waffle stitch
  • Kitchener stitch
  • Linen stitch
  • Bobble stitch
  • Must-have supplies and beginner-friendly project kits