Fitting Knits

Get the Right Fit: All About Negative Ease

By Ashley Little
Woman Holding an Umbrella Wearing a Knit Cardigan and Red Dress

There are a few special things we knitters have that no other craft does. There are tools, of course, like cable needles. We have our double-pointed needles and our circular needles. And we even have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to fitting knitted fabric. One of those tricks is negative ease.

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Choosing Yarn: Testing the Draping of Your Knitted Swatch

By Ashley Little
Knit ShawlWhen we think about yarn substitution, most of us are guilty of just matching the gauge and moving on. It doesn't matter how that gauge looks to us, even if the stitches look like they're packed in there tightly. But what if it's a wearable? Things can go wrong in ways you never expected when you don't consider draping while choosing yarn for your project. Read more »

Don’t Fear the Armscye

By Ashley Little
Sleeveless Cable HoodieWhat happens when you see a beautiful, gotta-have-it pattern and that scary word "armscye" appears in the instructions? Learn what an armscye is and why it's important for your knitting. Read more »